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Welcome to HML Artist World

About The Artist

Holding a doctorate degree and an engineer diploma in Finance, I am currently University Professor but also self-taught Artist Painter.

Since my childhood, a fervent passion for drawing and coloring has animated me, but it was only much later that the enchanting magic of painting truly penetrated my soul. Since then, every passing day is an opportunity for me to envision the form and essence of my next artistic creation.


” While drawing I discover what I really want to say “
― Dario Fo ―

My Collections

Welcome to the enchanting world of my collections “Colorful Joy” and “Treasure”, showcasing approximately thirty-five paintings that artfully blend geometric forms and vibrant colors. The “Colorful Joy” collection is situated at the delicate intersection of Cubism and Realism, while the “Treasure” collection beautifully captures the fluidity of water movements.

My Exhibitions

Throughout my artistic career, I have had the privilege of participating in numerous collective and solo exhibitions, both on a national and international level. These events have allowed me to showcase my creations but also to share my artistic vision with a wide audience.enabling me to connect with people on a deeper level through my work.

Jun 2023

Living 4 Art Gallery in Casablanca, under the theme “Colorful Joy.”

Nov 2020

Gallery of the Sidi Belyout Cultural Center in Casablanca, under the theme “Art in the Service of the Moroccan Sahara.”

Oct 2020

Contemporary Art Exhibition in Moscow, under the theme “Astra Projections.”

Mar 2020

Carisma Gallery in Cairo, Egypt, 6th edition of the international exhibition “Arab Visions.”


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