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Hajar Moutassim Lahmini

Holding a doctorate degree and an engineer diploma in Finance, I am currently University Professor but also self-taught Artist Painter.

Since my childhood, a fervent passion for drawing and coloring has animated me, but it was only much later that the enchanting magic of painting truly penetrated my soul. Since then, every passing day is an opportunity for me to envision the form and essence of my next artistic creation. I eagerly await the precious moments of my free time to immerse myself in front of my canvases and brushes. It is a treasured moment, a source of pure pleasure where I allow myself to be carried away by the meanders of my imagination, freely navigating through infinite time and space.

My paintings, true reflections of the human soul’s journey, depict the emotional odyssey of a woman traversing the depths of sorrow, enduring the torments of storms, and reaching abyssal depths. Nevertheless, she always clings to a glimmer of hope, an illuminating spark that graces her being. With grace and finesse, I translate this ray of hope through colors inspired by the splendors of nature. This ray of hope voyages, traversing time and space, transcending the limits of existence, and drawing forth the most resplendent beauty from every moment. Thus, this inward journey, however brief, concludes in renewal, happiness, and serenity—the true summits of the human condition.

I am a passionate artist, and my artistic style is a unique marriage between cubism and realism. Through my paintings, I create works that captivate through their bold fusion of geometric forms and detailed representations. 

With humility and passion, I invite you to explore my artistic universe, shaped by my considerable academic journey and profound connection with the emotions of the soul.

“Life is art. Art is life. I never separate it.”
– Ai Weiwei –

My Collections

Colorful Joy Collection

The “Colorful Joy” collection, composed of twenty-seven works of varying dimensions and created over a period of five years, offers a captivating artistic experience, exploring the depths of the feminine state of mind through emotionally rich works. Each canvas tells the story of a woman valiantly navigating life’s tumultuous events, triumphing over obstacles and tirelessly searching for the glimmer of hope to reinvent herself. Vibrant colors, drawing their essence from nature, become the language through which this glimmer of hope is expressed, illuminating every moment in a striking way.

Each piece in this collection features a woman in a different posture, endowed with her own past, present and future, imbued with the striking beauty of color and form. These compositions captivate the eye and invite the viewer to plunge into the depths of their inner world, offering an intense reflection on resilience, strength and the quest for harmony.

Through the “Colorful Joy” collection, the artist takes us on a grace-filled journey that culminates in a brilliant rebirth, radiant bliss and unfathomable serenity. This experience leaves an indelible imprint on the minds of those who allow themselves to be captivated by these works of art, and eloquently prefigures the imminent birth of the next collection.

Treasure Collection

The “Treasure” collection comprises approximately ten unique artistic paintings of varying dimensions. This collection beautifully explores the theme of water in all its magnificence, showcasing its multifaceted nature. The artworks skillfully depict glistening droplets, fluid movements, majestic waves, shimmering puddles, as well as delicate droplets dripping from juicy fruit and delicate tree leaves, creating shimmering reflections on the floor or windows. Each canvas, akin to a precious gemstone, reflects the brilliance and purity of water, capturing its ephemeral yet powerful essence. The translucent beauty of water is poetically compared to that of a precious gem, symbolizing its inherent purity and preciousness.

This collection offers a captivating visual journey into the realm of water, evoking a sense of wonder for nature’s beauty and the ephemeral fragility of these aquatic moments suspended in time.

The 4 Seasons Collection

In the enchanting collection “The 4 Seasons”, currently in progress, each canvas is a visual poem. Comprising about fifteen paintings, each one captures a mysterious woman, gazing towards the horizon of her contemplation, amidst splendid natural and urban landscapes: the sea with its azure splendor, fields with golden lines, the forest with its green secrets, the garden with its floral harmonies, and bustling cityscapes. Each painting, with its unique color palette, celebrates one of the four seasons, offering a visual symphony of eternal cycles.

“Creativity is contagious, pass it on.” – Albert Einstein –

My Exhibitions

Throughout my artistic career, I have had the privilege of participating in numerous collective and solo exhibitions, both on a national and international level. These events have allowed me to showcase my creations but also to share my artistic vision with a wide audience enabling me to connect with people on a deeper level through my work.

Jun 2023

Living 4 Art Gallery in Casablanca, under the theme “Colorful Joy.”

Nov 2020

Gallery of the Sidi Belyout Cultural Center in Casablanca, under the theme “Art in the Service of the Moroccan Sahara.”

Oct 2020

Contemporary Art Exhibition in Moscow, under the theme “Astra Projections.”

Mar 2020

Carisma Gallery in Cairo, Egypt, 6th edition of the international exhibition “Arab Visions.”

“Great art picks up where nature ends.”
– Marc Chagall –

What the media say about us

The artistic works we offer have been warmly praised by the media, acknowledging the creativity, originality, and emotional impact that emanate from our pieces.

Le 8 juin 2023 a eu lieu l’exposition individuelle de l’artiste autodidacte Hajar Mouatassim ….

Colorful Joy est le nom donné par HML Artist à son exposition individuelle tenue le 8 juin à la galerie Living 4 Art…

C’est à la galerie Living 4 Art qu’HML Artist a fait son exposition individuelle “ Colorful Joy” riche en couleurs et en formes géométriques…

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