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100 x 100 cm

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  • Sunset

    In this artistically vibrant painting of colors, a woman rises majestically against a stunning sunset backdrop framing the Eiffel Tower. The fragmented forms merge with the shimmering hues of the sky, creating a captivating visual composition. The enigmatic and solemn woman appears to absorb the grandeur of the moment, inviting the viewer to share in her awe of the iconic beauty of Paris and the wonders of nature.

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  • Horizon

    In this artistically splendid painting of vibrant allure,  a woman sits gracefully on a wall in an open field, surrounded by lush green and golden hues. With determination, she gazes towards the horizon as a sunset gently warms the atmosphere. The fragmented circular shapes seamlessly blend with the shimmering shades, creating a scene where the woman fully embraces the tranquility and beauty of a summer evening, allowing the sun's rays to caress her being.

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