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The “Treasure” collection, currently in progress, consists of some ten artistic paintings, each piece unique and of varying dimensions. This collection wonderfully explores the theme of water in all its splendor, highlighting its many facets. The paintings accurately depict sparkling drops, flowing movements, majestic waves, shimmering puddles, as well as delicate droplets dripping from juicy fruit and delicate tree leaves, creating shimmering reflections on the floor or windows.

In this captivating painting, a water droplet suspended in time resembles a glistening pearl of purest white against a deep blue backdrop. Its immaculate radiance contrasts beautifully with the dark blue background, creating a visual harmony that evokes the serenity of the deep ocean. The…

In this striking painting, a shattered pane of glass is transformed into a canvas of green and blue water droplets, freezing time with their dazzling beauty. Each droplet captures the light with hypnotic grace, creating a vision both fragile and eternal, where the fragility of…

In this captivating artwork, emerald green water bubbles in the depths are pierced by a ray of sunlight. The bubbles appear as ephemeral gems, their emerald green radiance shimmering under the warm embrace of light, creating a painting of both mystique and enchantment.

In this captivating painting, a wave of vibrant turquoise blue dances with infinite grace. Swirling waters seem to come to life under the sunlight, creating a sense of fluid and soothing movement. Every shade of blue evokes the depth of the ocean, transporting the viewer…

In this mesmerizing artwork, sapphire blue water droplets come to life in the depths, their movement resembling a dance of liquid jewels. Each droplet glistens with an ethereal glow as they gracefully navigate the hidden realms below, evoking a sense of mystery and enchantment.

In this captivating artwork, a fleeting whirl of water splashes freezes in the moment, set against a dark, mysterious backdrop. The droplets dance with grace, creating a visual symphony where the enigmatic beauty of the ephemeral blends with the mysterious darkness, inviting the viewer to…

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